Mind Games


Design at its heart is an inspired blend of vision, passion, and attention to detail. The creators of MIND GAMES believe that every element of the design should coalesce into a profound statement of art. From the intricate detailing and materials used in our bottles, to the elegant compositions they contain, each fragrance is designed to tell a story from the outside in. Combining the superior quality of our ingredients
with vivid emotional expressions, the result is exceptional and intriguing pieces of art to be cherished for years to come.


At MIND GAMES we are proud to partner with niche fragrance house Symrise, and their world-renowned master perfumers. Together we have carefully sourced and selected the highest quality ingredients to craft premium fragrances that are long lasting, evocative, and individually distinguished. Each fragrance honors the perfumer’s odyssey, immersing you in an intricate story articulated through scent. Their quest for perfection in each element brings to mind the importance of each player on a chess board, and their preference for complexity, reflects the poignancy and intellect found only in the most stimulating MIND GAMES.


We strive not only to create something beautiful, but to create something that captivates and invigorates the imagination, spirit, and mind. Each bottle is a conception of self-expression, celebrating the distinct and astonishing workings of the mind. Our stories are not inspired by a simple game of chess, but rather the heritage, craftsmanship, and design it exemplifies. The fragrances of MIND GAMES represent the triumph of spirit that accompanies each victory, the strategies that take an opponent by surprise, the long tradition of excellence, and the infinite possibility each player holds.