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Byredo, founded by Ben Gorham in Stockholm, Sweden, in 2006, is a luxury brand that focuses on quality, with all its products being made in Sweden. The company's current line includes perfumes and home fragrances, body care products, and accessories. Byredo is synonymous with fine fragrances, and the brand is committed to translating memories and emotions into tangible products and experiences.


Born to an Indian mother and a French-Canadian father, Gorham grew up in Sweden and later in Canada. He is a former basketball player with a strong fascination for the power of scents since his adolescence. Gorham graduated from the School of Arts in Stockholm, and it was there that he met perfumer Pierre Wulff by chance. Wulff would become instrumental in transforming Gorham's ideas into fragrant creations.


Now working with renowned perfumers Olivia Giacobetti and Jerome Epinette, Gorham relies on his fragrant memories and experiences from his past to create Byredo's mostly unisex fragrances. Each perfume is inspired by places, feelings, or certain scents and smells that relate to them, such as Palermo for women, inspired by the city of Palermo in Sicily, and Bal d'Afrique, which draws inspiration from 1920s Paris and its fascination with African culture, art, and music.


Byredo's fragrances have come to life thanks to Gorham's immense creativity and unique approach to designing a fragrance. He keeps the formulas simple and avoids too many notes that may clash. Preferring fragrances with fewer notes, Gorham believes their existence is justified.


With a focus on creativity, Byredo continues to develop timeless, inspirational, and meaningful products that resonate with people and enrich their lives. The brand trades from a stand-alone store in Stockholm and several concessions all over the world. Byredo's fragrances, designed for the tastes of niche perfume lovers, can be found at exclusive department stores and boutiques, such as Liberty's in London and Barney's in the USA, where the fragrances are best-sellers.


While Byredo's primary focus is on unisex fragrances, the brand has also launched a few fragrances specifically for women and men. Byredo's unique approach to luxury and fragrance has made it a highly sought-after brand in the world of fashion and beauty, garnering recognition for Gorham's personal style and connections to the worlds of fashion and art